Sport Gel

Care Plus® Sun Protection Sport Gel SPF30 is specially designed for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. The Sport Gel SPF30 effectively protects against sunburns. Additionally, the gel gives a cooling and fresh sensation, does not leave a white cast and allows the skin to breathe.

Care Plus® Sun Protection Sport Gel SPF30 is extra resistant to sweat and water and quickly absorbs into the skin. The gel contains vitamin B, which has a soothing effect and moisturizes. In addition, it contains vitamin E, which ensures that the skin is less prone to burning and limits the damage that UV radiation can cause to the skin.

Uniquely, this product contains no oil and does not mix with the dust on the skin. This gel can therefore be used during exercise without leaving streaks on the skin.

Sunlight stimulates blood circulation and plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamin D, which the body needs for the production of calcium for the bones. Furthermore, sunlight contributes to our overall well-being and vitality. Care Plus® offers a product line with which you can enjoy the sun without a care. Our sun protection products fall into the high protection class, SPF30+ and SPF50+. Our products not only protect against UV-B radiation, but also against UV-A radiation.

Apply sun protection products 30 minutes before your anticipated sun exposure.