Sun protection

Going outdoors? Choose the highest sun protection! The Care Plus® Sun Protection product range is ideal for anyone who actively goes outside and wants the highest protection against the sun.

Sun Protection Everyday lotion SPF30+ and SPF50+ offer high UV protection and are extra water-resistant. The lotions are tested hypoallergenic and are suitable for normal and sensitive skin, as well as for children. They also offer protection against jellyfish stings.

Sun Protection Sport Gel SPF30 is specially designed for athletes and people with an active lifestyle. The gel effectively protects against sunburns, provides a cooling sensation and allows the skin to breathe. It is also extra resistant to sweat and water, and it absorbs quickly.Sun Care & Repair After Sun nourishes, softens and repairsthe skin after exposure to the sun. Due to the vitamins and natural ingredients, it has a soothing effect. It also helps to reduce the redness of the skin.Sunlight stimulates blood circulation and plays an important role in the synthesis of vitamin D, which the body needs for the production of calcium for the bones. Furthermore, sunlight contributes to our overall well-being and vitality.

Care Plus® offers a product line with which you can enjoy the sun without a care. Our sun protection products fall into the high protection class, SPF30+ and SPF50+. Our products not only protect against UV-B radiation, but also against UV-A radiation.SPF = Sun Protection Factor. The SPF indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun without getting sunburned when using sunscreen compared to not using the lotion.

Apply sun protection products 30 minutes before your anticipated sun exposure. If a sunscreen product is used in combination with an insect repellent, then first allow the sunscreen to penetrate the skin for 20 minutes. Then apply the insect repellent and let it dry for 10 minutes. Only then go out into the sun.