Impregnated Nets

Care Plus® Mosquito Net is a non-washable insecticide treated bed net that prevents biting of mosquitoes. Usage of an impregnated bed net is only permitted in tropical areas against Anopheles mosquitoes and Aedes mosquitoes.

Care Plus® mosquito nets are manufactured with a fibre thickness of 75 denier. Store in original package as specified herein.

Read the instructions before use. The product is authorized to be used only in tropical areas where there is a threat of vector-borne diseases spread by the claimed mosquito species. Keep out of reach of children and pets when not in use. The bed net can only be used indoors. Do not wash or dry clean product. Wash hands with soap and water after setting up the net and taking the net down. Use the bed net as indicated in the instructions for use. Do not use for other purposes. Shelf life is 36 months.

TIP! Take the environment into consideration if you wish to throw away an impregnated net. Dispose of bed net in accordance with national legislation.