Head nets

Care Plus® non-impregnated head nets provide optimum protection against insects and other arthropods. Stinging insects can disrupt a good night’s sleep. A non-impregnated head net is suitable for use in the home, trips within Europe and to destinations that do not pose a malaria risk as mosquitoes may land on or bite through it. Non-impregnated nets are suitable for babies and young children.

Care Plus® head nets are manufactured with a mesh size of min. 900 holes per square inch (2.54 cm) a fibre thickness of 40 denier, and a quadrilateral, material-saving rhombus mesh pattern.

The head nets are made from durable polyester fibre. The non-impregnated head nets are machine washable up until 40°C. Preferably use a chlorine-free washing detergent. Always store the head net in its accompanying bag in a dark place.