Bio Soap

Reliable water, soap and a towel are essential for good personal hygiene on your adventure. Washing yourself, your clothes and the dishes is not the same as at home. You often have little space in your backpack for different soaps. With the Care Plus®© Bio Soap, you have 1 biodegradable, pocket-sized soap for all applications.

The Care Plus®© Bio Soap is the ideal solution for your personal hygiene during camping in nature and other holidays. The soap is biodegradable and the packaging is made from recycled PET plastic. Although the Care Plus®© Bio Soap is biodegradable, we do not recommend using it directly in a lake or river. The soap breaks down faster when it seeps into the soil.

You can wash everything with the Care Plus®© Bio Soap. You cannot only use it to wash your body and hair. Even dirty clothes and the washing up always become clean with Care Plus®© Bio Soap. The soap is suitable for use in fresh, brackish and even salt water. The soap has a fresh and spicy scent of Nepalese mint.

Thanks to its handy travel size, the soap fits in every backpack. The highly concentrated formula means that a few drops are enough for results.