Bugsox Adventure

The Care Plus® Bugsox Adventure is suitable for hiking and trekking in every type of terrain. Because of 38% of Coolmax® the Bugsox Adventure is breathable and quick-drying.

Foot protection is a critical part of preventing bites and stings. Research has shown that many different types of mosquitoes, including malaria mosquitoes, have a tendency to sting feet, ankles, and lower legs. And ticks live in grass, brush, meadows, and undergrowth, where they are closest to feet, ankles, and lower legs. Don’t give mosquitoes and ticks a chance, cover as much skin as possible, and tuck trouser legs into socks to prevent stings and bites. Impregnated socks can protect feet and ankles even better. Exposed skin is best protected with a Care Plus® Anti-Insect product.

Our Bugsox are Healthguard TM impregnated with permethrin (CAS no. 258-067-9). This active ingredient is a contact insecticide deadly to mosquitoes and other pests. Research has shown that permethrin impregnation reduces mosquito landings by 45% and actual insect bites by 80 to 90%, and that ticks cannot stand or walk on permethrin. Care Plus® impregnated Bugsox can be machine-washed at 40 °C . You should preferably use a chlorine-free detergent. Store the socks in a dark place.

Impregnated and seamless Bugsox protect feet and ankles against bites and stings and offer optimal comfort and protection with their special blend of bamboo fiber. In high temperatures, bamboo stays cool thanks to its moisture absorption and ventilation. In low temperatures, the micro structure serves as a thermal insulation layer. The seamless technical walking sock is comfortable at both high and low temperatures. Bamboo fiber keeps feet fresh for longer.