Hygiene Gel

Reliable water, soap and a clean towel are essential for good personal hygiene. But washing (hands) when travelling is not always possible, or different from what you are used to at home. Dirty hands in particular are a major source of infection. The cleansing Care Plus® Hygiene Gel gives the hands a clean and fresh feeling, without using water and soap. Does not dry out the hands because of unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera.

When travelling, it is important to take hygiene into account. Sometimes there is no water available or the quality is different from what you are used to at home. We recommend that you always carry a disinfectant hand gel, soap and body spray with you to keep you feeling clean and fresh. For some destinations, we recommend a water filter and/or a drinking water disinfectant. Care Plus® offers you a complete range of products to improve your hygiene during your trip.