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First Aid Kit Sterile Kit

Care Plus® has been compiling professional first aid kits for more than twenty years, so when it comes to first aid, we’ve got you covered! There is a kit for every user, every activity, and every destination. With a Care Plus® First Aid Kit, you can administer first aid should an injury occur. Many accidents take place in and around the home and while on holiday. This includes blisters, burns, and scrapes. Wounds need to be treated and bandaged, especially in hot and humid climates, where infection can develop rapidly.

Care Plus® guarantees the high quality of its kits, as our first aid kits are compiled with the help of doctors who specialize in expedition medicine and other experts. All of our first aid kits are packaged in strong red nylon bags and the soft exterior makes the kit easy to take along while travelling, even if you have limited luggage space. The spacious case has plenty of room for you to add your own medication and first aid accessories.

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180 x 190 x 60
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En bref

The First Aid Sterile Kit is suitable tor 1 or 2 persons and contains 36 items. The content is optimized for destinations with poor hygienic conditions and for long-distance travel with limited or difficult-to-reach medical facilities. The First Aid Sterile Kit contains various sterile supplies and a doctor’s statement.


  • 1x Care Plus® ® First Aid Guidance Card
  • 1x Pack of assorted piasters
  • 3x Disposable syringe 2 ml
  • 5x Disposable syringe 5 ml
  • 5x Disposable needle 0,4×25
  • 5x Disposable needle 0,8×8
  • 1x Medical certificate
  • 1x Suture thread & needle 75 cm/nylon
  • 1x Scalpel | 2x Pair of vinyl gloves
  • 6x Skin cleansing swab
  • 5x Blood lancet
  • La description

    La trousse de secours First Aid Kit Basic pour 1 ou 2 personnes, contient 30 articles et pèse seulement 150 grammes. Le contenu a été optimisé pour faire face aux accidents qui surviennent le plus communément lors des sorties d’une journée. Utilisez la bande velcro pour attacher la trousse à votre ceinture ou votre guidon de vélo.