Care Plus has been developing effective and responsible health products and devices for almost 25 years to ensure you stay healthy whilst travelling or at home. Care Plus is a trademark of Tropicare, the leading specialist in safe and healthy travel since 1992. With Care Plus products, you are getting the very best for your health.

The leading expert in safe and healthy travel

Care Plus products protect travellers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts against insect bites, poor sanitation, sunburn, and contaminated drinking water. Our impregnated mosquito nets and socks, our DEET products, our water filter, and our tick tests have won awards from international panels of experts. Our first aid kits are carefully compiled with the help of doctors specializing in expedition medicine and assist in administering first aid for common accidents at home and abroad. Our products are available online, in chemists, pharmacies, and at outdoor sports shops in more than 26 countries. .

Innovative and socially responsible

As leaders in our field of expertise, we are pioneering and innovative in the pursuit of our core objective: to meet the needs of travellers. Tropicare is working hard to achieve a malaria-free world. This is something we aim to achieve by 2030. We donate one per cent of our turnover to the Dutch Malaria Foundation. This means you are making a real contribution to a malaria-free world with every Care Plus product you buy!

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